Hornton Parish Council

Chair – John Offord – 01295 678204 Clerk – Katherine Mills – 01295 721612


Hornton Planning Applications May 2016

Current Minutes

June 19th Parish Council Meeting Minutes.

Meeting Dates

The next meeting is on 4th September it will be held in the Pavilion. View the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting.

Future Meetings will be held in the Pavilion unless otherwise stated:

Monday 13th Nov

Current Minutes

Meetings 2017 (Annual Parish Meeting 10th April 2017)

Archive Minutes

Meetings 2017 (March) - (February)
Meetings 2016 (November) - (October) - (September 26th) - (September 5th) - (July) - (April) - (March) – (January)
Meetings 2015 – (November) - (September) - (July) - (April) - (March) - (February)

Hornton Parish Council Business

Notice of Vacancy in Office of Parish Councillor


Hornton Parish Council Notice of Conlusion of Audit year ended March 31st 2016
Hornton Parish Council Annual Accounts 2014-2015

Hornton Asset Register (.ods/excel)
Hornton Asset Register (1 page .PDF)

The PC recently paid the annual insurance, the remittance advice document can be viewed here. You can also view the external audit letter here.

Account balances:

PC Main ££8,304.73 31/3/16
PC Reserve £6,123.66 31/3/17
Playground Main £9,549.46 31/3/17
Playground Reserve £28,912.45 31/3/17
Pavilion Main £14,923.25 31/3/17
Pavilion Reserve £23,155.70 31/3/17
JUMPA Main £5001.01 31/3/17

Finance Report

Cheques agreed for signature:

Payment Amount Cheque no.
Katherine Mills Clerk & RFO salary February £238 428
The Gossip £250 429
HPC loan repayment to Playground £2,300 430
Calendar fund raiser donation to the Pavilion £415.25 431
Calendar fund raiser donation to Hornton Church £415.25 432
Katherine Mills expenses Nov 14 to Jan 15 £40.63 433
Katherine Mills Clerk & RFO salary March £238 434
Payments made since the last meeting:

Payment Amount Cheque no.
Katherine Mills Clerk & RFO salary Jan & computer payment £251.72 427

Hornton Parish Council Internal Audit

The Parish Council carried out an annual review of the internal audit arrangements. The internal audit had been kindly carried out on a voluntary basis by Graham Hall in recent years and the Parish Council wished to thank him for all of his time and assistance.

As part of the annual review the RFO had liaised with other RFO’s in the area and advised that, with the continual increase in government financial regulations, other local Parish Councils carried out their internal audit with Arrow Accounting; the company specialised in government financial regulations and provided the RFO with support and advice throughout the financial year. This option was discussed by councillors and the impact of recent changes to the roles of Clerk & RFO and the Parish Council membership were considered.

The employment of Arrow Accounting as internal auditors for Hornton Parish Council was APPROVED and a Letter of Engagement was signed by the Chair and Clerk & RFO.

Precept – Cherwell District Council (CDC) revision of precept grant

The RFO had been advised by CDC of a change to Grant for Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This had been reduced from £437 to £151.33 for Hornton. The RFO had therefore resubmitted the Hornton PC precept requirements to CDC with an amount to be raised by Council Tax of £8848.67.

Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 1)
Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 2)
Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 3)
Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 4)
Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 5)
Annual Governance Statement 2014-2015 (page 6)

Hornton Maps

Hornton Common Land Map
Hornton Footpath Map
Hornton PC Registered Land

Councillors and their responsibilites 2017

John Offord
01295 678204
jro670154 (at) aol dot com
Bell Street
OX15 6DB
Parish Liaison
Roger Bellamy
Norland House
Millers Lane
OX15 6BS
01295 670884
Rogermbellamy (at) btinternet dot com
JUMPA representative
Paul Burden
Barry Cottage
Millers Lane
01295 670664
jpburden (at) hotmail dot co dot uk
Playground representative
John Fox Charity
Tim Hewlett
Copse Cap Barn
East gate
01295 678668
tim (at) freershouse dot plus dot com
Vice Chairman Feb – April 2016
Roads and Highways
David Jarrett
2 Bell Street
01295 670638
Annj374 (at) gmail dot com
John Fox Charity
Kevin Wain
The Swallows
01295 670716
Kevin dot wain (at) talktalk dot net
Pavilion Representative
School Liaison
Village Website
Clerk & RFO to Hornton Parish Council
Katherine Mills
High House
School Lane
North Newington
OX15 6AQ
01295 738252


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Hornton News

Read the latest news from Hornton, updated weekly.
The Hornton news column is also published in the Banbury Guardian, each word printed helps to raise money for village funds.


Hornton Calendar

What's going on in Hornton? Keep up to date with village life with our interactive calendar.

Parish Council

List of Hornton parish councillors and their responsibilities plus minutes of parish council meetings.

Hornton Pavilion

Hornton Pavilion is a great flexible events venue. Hiring this venue is inclusive of the kitchen facilities, glasses, crockery, cutlery and all for just £10 per hour.


St.John's Church

The building dates from the late 12C. The nave and north aisle, the Norman pillars and the cylindrical font have survived from this period.

Hornton Methodist Church

Both church and village are built from the same golden Hornton stone - ironstone - which was once quarried locally and is now quarried at Edge Hill.

The Gossip

Hornton's Quarterly Newsletter.
Available to read online in PDF format.

Hornton School

Hornton Primary School is positioned at the heart of local community, whilst having strong links with The Warriner School. This allows access to a great range of facilities, specialist teachers and curriculum resources. Hornton Primary School PTA.

Hornton History

Started in 2007 and now meeting on the second Thursday of the month in The Dun Cow.