Welcome to the Hornton Family Trail and Quiz Answers

The answers to the quiz are listed below:

  • 1. Where can you see through something that might be a girl’s best friend?
  • Answer: The diamond windows at Holloway House.

Walk along Bell Street:

  • 2. Where might a famous writer have felt at home?
  • Answer: The 39 Steps.
  • 3. Where would you have ‘missed’ it and be too late?
  • Answer: The Old Post Office.
  • 4. Home for a policeman?
  • Answer: Peeler's Cottage.
  • 5. Where would you go for a royal celebration?
  • Answer: Jubilee House.

Walk along West End from the flagpole:

  • 6. Where can't you go from here?
  • Answer: Hornton Grounds Farm.
  • 7. Whose birthday was it in 1993?
  • Answer: Hornton Playground.
  • 8. Where is the ‘fine lady’?
  • Answer: The brewery sign on the Dun Cow Pub or the white horse in the playground.
  • 9. Where might you have gone if you wanted to catch a bus?
  • Answer: The Old Coach House.
  • 10. Ingredients for a smoothie?
  • Answer: The Berries.
  • 11. Which roses won’t ever need water?
  • Answer: The stone roses at West Lynne House.

Turn into Tink a Tank towards the church:

  • 12.  If a dove was looking for a home, how many could it choose from around here?
  • Answer: 22 homes for doves.

Go through the kissing gate into the churchyard:

  • 13. Where would you find some rainbows here?
  • Answer: Rainbow family gravestones in the churchyard.

Cross the church garden and walk along to the end of Church Lane:

  • 14. How many are you left with if you add together the phone number and take away the number of leaves?
  • Answer: 7 (41 minus 34).

Walk across the Green into Pages Lane:

  • 15. Not Fingal's, then whose?
  • Answer: Ian's cave.
  • 16. William Tell would be at home here.
  • Answer: Apple Cottage.

Go back to the Green:

  • 17. If you miss it, what street will you need to go to?
  • Answer: Merton Street sorting office.
  • 18. There is a 'tree' on The Green which is not a lime or a cherry. What is its name?
  • Answer: Hazel (on the Burden Bench).
  • 19. Two dates are celebrated here - what are they?
  • Answer: 11.11.2018 and 2000.

Walk up Millers Lane:

  • 20. Who is welcome at the Chapel?
  • Answer: All are welcome at The Chapel.
  • 21. Get urgent help here?
  • Answer: Heart Safe defibrillator.
  • 22. It’s a bit smaller than the Duke of Marlborough’s.
  • Answer: Blenheim Cottage.
  • 23. Where is it always spring and never summer?
  • Answer: April Cottage.
  • 24. Where might Elvis fans end up?
  • Answer: Gracelands.
  • 25. If you divide the number of steps up to the end of Perkins Close by the number of steps down the other side, how many steps are you left with?
  • Answer: 1 (37 divided by 12 equals 3 and 1 left over).

From the Green walk up Eastgate:

  • 26. If you are a bird you might well live here.
  • Answer: The Swallows.
  • 27. A sweet spot for a six-legged creature?
  • Answer: The beehive at Cromwells.
  • 28. A place to keep a policeman’s hat?
  • Answer: Copse Cap Barn.
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