Welcome to the Hornton Family Trail and Quiz!

You can walk in any order that suits you but the village flag pole is an obvious starting point…

  • 1. Where can you see through something that might be a girl’s best friend?

Walk along Bell Street:

  • 2. Where might a famous writer have felt at home?
  • 3. Where would you have ‘missed’ it and be too late?
  • 4. Home for a policeman?
  • 5. Where would you go for a royal celebration?

Walk along West End from the flagpole:

  • 6. Where can't you go from here?
  • 7. Whose birthday was it in 1993?
  • 8. Where is the ‘fine lady’?
  • 9. Where might you have gone if you wanted to catch a bus?
  • 10. Ingredients for a smoothie?
  • 11. Which roses won’t ever need water?

Turn into Tink a Tank towards the church:

  • 12.  If a dove was looking for a home, how many could it choose from around here?

Go through the kissing gate into the churchyard:

  • 13. Where would you find some rainbows here?

Cross the church garden and walk along to the end of Church Lane:

  • 14. How many are you left with if you add together the phone number and take away the number of leaves?

Walk across the Green into Pages Lane:

  • 15. Not Fingal's, then whose?
  • 16. William Tell would be at home here.

Go back to the Green:

  • 17. If you miss it, what street will you need to go to?
  • 18. There is a 'tree' on The Green which is not a lime or a cherry. What is its name?
  • 19. Two dates are celebrated here - what are they?

Walk up Millers Lane:

  • 20. Who is welcome at the Chapel?
  • 21. Get urgent help here?
  • 22. It’s a bit smaller than the Duke of Marlborough’s.
  • 23. Where is it always spring and never summer?
  • 24. Where might Elvis fans end up?
  • 25. If you divide the number of steps up to the end of Perkins Close by the number of steps down the other side, how many steps are you left with?

From the Green walk up Eastgate:

  • 26. If you are a bird you might well live here.
  • 27. A sweet spot for a six-legged creature?
  • 28. A place to keep a policeman’s hat?

View the correct answers here.

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